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SO, here I am at Week 2.  I put this mood board together to show you how a few things have changed.

ORC FALL 2016 wk 2.jpg

I have managed to buy some white paint and we are prepping the walls for painting.


I have been casually shopping and found a few nice items that are serving to inspire.


I was lucky to find this work of art that gives me some direction as far as accent colors.  I might paint the frame white; haven’t decided yet.  We go to the beach a lot although I have never seen the Oregon coast this busy so I am not sure where this beach is.  This reproduction of a photograph is quite large and is helping to set the tone for the space.  IMG_4813 copy.jpg

Here is another fun find – I found this mid century lamp at GOODWILL – it has a wonderful white crackle finish on it.  It is a decent size and I found a Nate Berkus lamp shade from Target that compliments the shape and the bronzy metal base.

IMG_4814 copy.jpg

I have been battling with whether or not black and white is too high contrast and I might tire of it so I have decided to keep things light on the walls but bring in some softer elements and pops of color so it feels cozy and inviting like these fabulous baskets from TARGET again by Nate Berkus.



I don’t think we can get our wall to wall carpet completed in 5 weeks as the waiting list for installation is a few months out via HOME DEPOT. They have decent wall to wall carpeting options for hard core use in this area and they also have 12 mths interest free financing so that’s looking like the way to go.

(WALL TO WALL CARPET..will most likely not be installed in time)

IMG_4351 copy.jpg








I am leaning toward painting our heirloom dresser white and I like the sand/tan drawer fronts of this piece from THE LAND OF NOD.  I think it is a grasscloth type texture on there which really looks terrific.  Might be less likely to get tired of it if we keep it neutral.


Sure would love to find some nice knobs to modernize our dresser. Any ideas?  Love the ones on this piece.

I have also been inventorying our art and family photos as I am working on a salon style gallery of photos and art.  I need to several items taken to the framer to spruce up the mattes, get glass for some frames, etc.

Thanks for stopping by!


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See you next week!




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Well, we are coming into WEEK 5 with one week left to go.  It has not been glamorous: its been about painting and electrical, but it is almost done!

My husband spent half a day last weekend putting in the electrical for the ceiling pendant in Charlotte’s room and while he was at it he upgraded our smoke alarms upstairs which felt good to check off the list.


As you can see, we got the walls painted and just have the trim left to paint.  It took a little work to get the lilac and pink right. I think they are not too intense and balance each other out pretty well.


We still need to add trim to this one wall.  Don’t ask me why it’s not there. That is how this house rolls and has for several decades.

Hope Hubbie can find the plates for the switches and outlets.  I got the curtains hemmed and just need the hardware installed. Oh honey…


Yesterday we assessed where we are with ART, PILLOWS and BED LINENS.IMG_3289


She got this in MEXICO:IMG_3294


There is never a shortage of pillows around here.  The splattered one was made up using leftover fabric from Charlotte’s curtain project.IMG_3295


We might paint the frame on this mirror.  Haven’t decided yet.IMG_3301


We have this large vintage cross stitch piece that I found at a rummage sale that Charlotte loves.  IMG_3304

It sort of ties in with the bed which is an antique from my grandparents.IMG_3310

And, here is another lovely Mexican textile to add to the mix.


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So, there’s a lot to do still, but we are going to pull this thing together by next week.   Until then….have a great rest of the week.

– Suzanne

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Well , here we are at week two of the ORC.  Old houses always require more prep than you think. My husband and I agreed to not spend a month on the ceiling like we did in our bedroom. Still, there were some cracks on the ceiling and a few holes in the walls that had to be addressed.  My husband got that done and the floor prepped for painting.



Charlotte has chosen lilac walls and light cherry blossom pink for the ceilings with white trim.  This is where we are headed:

First Light #2102-70 by Benjamin Moore

First Light BM.jpg    and, Spring Iris #1402 also by Benjamin MooreIris BM.jpg

We started with METRO PAINT, which is a local paint supplier in Portland. There paints are all recycled and very affordable.  My father in law (who is a contractor) uses their paint all the time and recommended I give it a try. I love their MOUNTAIN SNOW – which I used for my HOME OFFICE.

metropaint_paint_open_cans_colors.jpgSo, we bought a gallon of CARNATION (for like $12!) and we have been methodically adding MOUNTAIN SNOW to try to get close to light pink we might like.

FYI, Metro Paint has a limited palette of colors, but in reality if you have the time and gumption, you can mix and match and come up with some pretty nice colors.  They haev lots of examples and formulas in their store.  It can make painting a house almost affordable.





Charlotte with CARNATION, untouched.  Too pink as is as you can see.


After painting the entire ceiling with a lightened pink, it is still too pink.  So, we’ll add more white. I think we are close though.


The lilac bush is blooming outside of our house  – I used the flowers to decorate the twins’ birthday cake this week. A little much for Arthur. Oops.  Charlotte and I tinted the icing lilac.  I guess we are in a custom color mixing mood. The lighter part of the lilac petals are such a perfect color.


I came across this cherry tree in bloom the other day and had to share this.  There really is nothing like Portland in the Spring.


There were 3-4 inches of pink petals on the ground!








So, I am also thinking about lighting.  She needs a pendant light and a bedside lamp. Or ultimately a sconce by her bed. I am a big fan as they leave your bedside table free and provide nice light. Here are a few possibilities:IMG_9969.jpg

With a gold sconce from Visual Comfort:



Here’s a sconce from IKEA:


A new pendant light from IKEA:


It does cool things at night:


Is this vintage glass pendant light stunning or what?


I even like this Chinese paper lantern for $12:





And here are some basic white curtains with grommets for a modern look.  Grommet curtains are super easy to use. And these curtains will be used daily.



I am leaning toward sheers behind the curtains rather than shades.   The windows are sort of odd and need to be replaced ultimately so the sheers should offer some coverage for now.


Charlotte has some ideas of her own about the curtains. She wants to splatter them in a ROTHKO-ish way. I have my concerns, but nevertheless, we bought the paint at COLLAGE in Portland:

I’ve been looking at Pinterest for ideas:







So, we will cross that bridge soon enough.


Well, I better stop for now.   Thanks for joining.

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Have a great Friday and weekend!




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download.pngI am going to take the challenge (as I often encourage my kids to do) and participate in THE ONE ROOM Challenge organized by CALLING IT HOME as a ORC Guest Participant.

My 6 week project will be my daughter Charlotte’s room.   Here are a couple inspiration palettes we came up with.  Soft pinks and lavenders, with neutrals and maybe a few punches of color like green or yellow so its not so pinky sweet.  The cherry tree in our front yard and the whole neighborhood in fact is blooming gloriously.  That has been our primary inspiration as far as finding the right pink and lavender for the walls and ceiling.


Charlotte's color palette Studio Tullia 2.12.16.jpg

She is nine so she still plays with dolls…maybe for another year or two…


IMG_2252.jpgcharlotte's room inspiration.jpg

Just to give you a little background on the room and my daughter…she and her twin brother have moved out of their shared nursery which is now my HOME OFFICE and moved upstairs into their OWN ROOMS.  Charlotte’s room is really small. It could be a walk in closet; it’s that small.  There is another room that’s a decent size available but she has chosen this one for the coziness factor.

Here is a quick floor plan of the room.  The dimensions are 9’5″ X 7′ 3″ .

IMG_3083 copy.jpg

As you can see there is room for a bed, a dresser, a small accent chair and a side table. That’s it.  The ceiling height is 7’10” at the highest point but 6″10″ where the roof line intersects with the window frame.

Here is a before shot of the room. This is what you see when you walk in. Two windows. There is a little more to the room on the left wall where the bed will go and that’s it.   There are also issues with the double-paned windows as you can see.


So, here is a list of what we are hoping to accomplish:

  1. Patch old plaster and paint room.
  2. Select lighting for the room; a ceiling fixture and small lamp for bedside table.
  3. Design and fabricate Window Treatments
  4. Slipcover existing side chair we own
  5. New bedding – cover, shams, accent pillows
  6. Select and hang art
  7. Either re-carpet or find a throw rug.
  8. Address double pane window fogginess issues.

Think this is do-able?  I guess we are going to find out.

So follow along with the twenty designers and design bloggers who will each be sharing room makeovers from start to finish over the next six weeks. And there are many more guest participants, like me,who will link to the CALLING IT HOME website.

See you next week!




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